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Back to school…

You may recall that my autumnal adventure to Central America was abruptly curtailed in Guatemala by illness. On my return, I spent a very long morning at the The School for Tropical Diseases in London where they took more blood from me than an overly generous blood donor. The verdict was that I hadn’t got malaria or COVID but I may have caught some random disease that will take 5 weeks to get results for.

Having spent 3 weeks recuperating and moping, I got bored. Much as I love life in Lingfield, I kept thinking that I really shouldn’t be here.

Husband was very unenthusiastic about me heading off again but when I announced I was going to Malaga, not Mongolia, he breathed a (short) sigh of relief. As far as we are aware Zika, Ebola and Dengue Fever have not made it to the Costa del Sol.

Why Malaga? Well, I am going on an ‘Intense Spanish Course for the over 50s.’ I really have no right to be ageist, as I am rapidly approaching 60 myself, but I am rather terrified that I am going to spend a few weeks surrounded by orthopaedic footwear and firm grey perms. I keep telling myself that there will be at least one other slightly insane 50 something who wants to scoff paella and learn Flamenco.

We shall see…

Jayne Webb

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