Midlife Crisis in Asia

Who Is Having It? Jayne Webb, middle aged, middle class, middle income, mid-range interior designer from the Midlands living in Surrey, UK. I had always thought that the term ‘midlife crisis’ was a bit of a joke. An explanation for why 40-something men suddenly find their 25 stone receptionists extraordinarily attractive and whisk them off on shiny new Ducatis. And why women take up tennis to sleep with the 23 year – old tennis coach and dye their hair blonde. So, when It dawned on me that I was having my own ‘midlife crisis’ I faced two huge problems:  I don’t like tennis My hair is already so blonde I could be mistaken for a Marilyn Monroe look alike (sadly from behind only) So, what could I do to quench this over whelming and all-encompassing feeling that I needed a change? I needed to change? ‘ME’ Time I reached this crux…

Midlife Crisis Stages Preparations for my Trip over the past few months have been extensive.  Firstly, I had to make the announcement to Husband.  Normally when…

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