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Fifty-something female trying to make sense of it all…

Do you ever look around and think that other women are so much more self-assured and composed than you? Do you feel they have the answers and get it all right, when you don’t?  Well if that is you, welcome to my blog. I aim to offer a somewhat irreverent and humorous take on life in the Middle Ages, I mean for a woman in her middle years not the 14th century.

I read somewhere that on an ‘About Me’ page you should explain why you have the relevant experience to write your blog. Well, sorry I have none. I am just another female making it all up as I go along.

Now for the stuff you won’t remember: I am an interior designer living in Surrey, England. I have one Husband, two grown up (in theory) Children and two Dogs. When I am not designing beautiful homes, or writing my blog, I enjoy people watching in coffee shops, eating chocolate and the odd bit of exercise.

Do please subscribe to my blog. I promise I won’t fill your inbox with junk. It is just nice to know that a few lovely people are actually reading what I write! If you have any comments please comment on individual blogs or fill out the form on the ‘Contact Me’ Page.


Jayne Webb

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