Spanish lessons Havana


My time in Cuba came to an end last weekend and I headed off to Mexico. Never has any country evoked in me such extreme emotions as Cuba. I had a love/hate relationship with the place. I struggled to comprehend how Cubans could be so warm, friendly and generous when they led such bleak lives. There is no question that Havana is a wondrous city full of colourful colonial buildings which are being painstakingly restored by the government, yet this is a government which cannot afford to feed its people. Havana is equally famous for its gleaming 1950s American cars, yet the reason why they are still in existence is that the importation of American cars has been banned since this time. Cars are wildly expensive, and beyond the reach of most. A 20 year old Merc with 200,000 miles on the clock sells for $100,000 dollars here. Highest paid…