travelling in Cub


Plane Jayne When I started writing this blog a few years ago I thought ‘How not to have a Midlife Crisis’ was a great title. However now, at the age of 57, it is hard to kid myself, or anyone else, that my desire to head off every year, armed with a case of mosquito repellent, is some form of Midlife anything. The truth is I am beyond midlife (sadly) but I still love travelling. That is why I found myself on Saturday in the departure lounge at Gatwick once again, before catching planes to Madrid and then on to Havana, Cuba. So this is a big Hello from Havana, home of the cigar, rum and Salsa. So far I have seen plenty of all three amongst the crumbling relics of what once was a beautiful city. The people are incredibly friendly and the rum is flowing but don’t come…