Filofax Days

If Coronavirus had struck 30 years ago it would have found a very different world from the one today. I was in my mid 20s then, mobile phones were the size of bricks and computers were the size of packing cases. I remember getting my first mobile phone, a huge Motorola with a short rubber aerial, and I thought it was the coolest things since eyelash curlers. Admittedly it weighed about 2 kg, and needed its own backpack, but it was a MOBILE phone! I had a sales job, and I remember strutting around with my Filofax in one hand and giant Motorola in the other, wearing jackets with shoulder pads on steroids. 

Computers For Seniors

The problem is that I have not kept up with the expediential rate of technology advancement. I wish I still had a mobile phone with big buttons, a green screen and no battery life. Life was so much simpler then. I am an absolute technology Luddite. Even now I cannot locate Netflix on a Smart TV, I can barely post on Instagram, I am clueless on Snapchat, and I use about 10% of the functions of my MacBook.

I do see the enormous benefits of tech but a big part of me loathes it. I have even Google ‘Computers for Seniors.’ Every day it seems there is some new App which everyone assures me is really simple, but I manage to cock up. 

I had my first Zoom meeting the other day, and was looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I appeared on screen labelled as ‘Ellen’, my daughter, as I was on her account. I had no idea how to change this, so I had to answer to the name of ‘Ellen’ for 45 minutes. I say 45 minutes, but it was actually quite a bit less than that. Our WIFI was buffering so much I kept on disappearing from view, which at least meant I could make a few coffees whilst waiting to re-enter the Zoom Room.

I made a ‘Mrs Angry’ call to our broadband supplier afterwards who said we had 19 devices connected to our router and no wonder I was buffering. One hour later I was the proud, but poor, owner of a new Super Router and a fancy system which bounces WIFI around our house at lightning speed and could probably do Gatwick Airport as well.

One Setting Only

When Son re-tunes the TV in 30 seconds, flicks between laptop screens at lightning speed and texts quicker than I can speak, I feel terribly old, without even looking in the mirror. We have a very nice washing machine and microwave, but I swear that I have never used more than 1 setting on either. I have washed everything on a ‘30 Minute Quick Wash’ for the past 5 years and heated food on ‘High’ to make it hot.

What else do I need these techno-filled appliances to do? Unless the washing machine can do the ironing and the microwave can chop the veg and cook dinner, I am not going to have a nervous breakdown even looking at the instruction manuals. Uploading a blog is hard enough…





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  1. jjsprathotmailcouk Reply

    HAHAHA!!!!! i’m with you on that lot…very funny!

  2. Excellent and all true BUT, based on my kids, they can’t change a plug so if their chargers ever needed a new one they wouldn’t have a clue and we would save the day! We just have to find a way to set that up! X

  3. Jayne Webb Reply

    Actually that is very true Katie. Perhaps we are ahead of the game in some areas :). J x

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