Hairstyles for middle age women
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Hairstyles For Middle Age Women

Lockdown has shown us what is really important in life and the first thing most women have said to me during this time is ‘Just look at my roots!’ We can cope with Gel-free nails and furry legs but middle age women cannot cope without a decent hairstyle. 

I have spent a lot of time studying female newsreaders and presenters over the past few months, and there has either been a lot of illegal hairdressing going on, or they are all married to top hair stylists.  

Yesterday was the best day of 2020 so far, and let’s face it there haven’t been many reasons to celebrate this year. Yesterday was HAIRDRESSER DAY. I don’t normally get out of bed before 10.00am on a Sunday if I can help it but, the thought of getting my lockdown roots eradicated, meant I was up and dressed by 9.00am. 

Toni & Guy Day

Minutes later I was literally running down the high street to see two of the most important men in my life, David and Tyler at Toni & Guy, East Grinstead. Admittedly I was a bit shocked to see that they had ditched the usual skinny jeans and tight T shirts for attire usually worn by those carrying out a post-mortem, and we couldn’t have the usual hugs and kisses. I was also slightly thrown by the welcome pack of a face mask, disposable towel and a paper cup. I had hoped it was a few freebie hair product samples.  

Coffee Break

Once I had donned my plastic apron I sat down waiting for a nice coffee and a biscuit, only to be told there was NO coffee. Who goes to the hairdressers without having a coffee? This was too much for me to cope with, so once Tyler had applied the grey-eradicating tint, I sprinted up the high street to Gregg’s to order a takeaway Cappuccino.

It was fine when I first went into the bakery, but by the time I had got my order there was a well-spaced queue of folks staring at me in plastic apron with hair dripping with peroxide. Not only that, the smell of the chemicals had totally polluted the shop, and I had to apologise profusely that their sausage roll sales would be down that day.

Back in Toni & Guy with cappuccino in hand, I settled down to a good 30 minutes on Instagram while my hair dye worked its magic. Experience has taught me that it is wise to stare at my phone or read a magazine at this stage. Otherwise I look in the vast mirror for way too long, counting every Bloody wrinkle. I then feel like topping myself before I even get to the washbasins. 

Midlife Bob

My hair has got ridiculously long since my last cut in February. I am well aware that women over a certain age should only have a Midlife Bob as I have Googled ‘Hair styles for middle age women’ but I am not there yet. I am still trying to convince myself, and everyone else, that I will be having a 50th Birthday party sometime in the future. 

The lovely David then gave me a good trim and I watched ancient frizz and split ends cascading to the floor. A beautiful blowdry later, and I was ready to face the world feeling a million dollars. It was just a shame that I was only going home to clear out the garden shed and sort the washing out. I was ready for ‘Lights Camera, Action’ or at the very least a day of shoe shopping and a light lunch.

Hairstyles for middle age women
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  1. Wow, you look great, you always do of course, but now with that extra dazzle! X

    • Jayne Webb Reply

      Thank you.You look great too, and you can run a lot faster than me. J x

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