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Ready for anything!

The Midlife Crisis Blog Is Back! 

When I was travelling around Asia last year, I wrote my blog to amuse myself whilst living in some very remote locations.  If people read it that was lovely, but that wasn’t my main motivation for writing.  I am now writing my blog whilst living in a, soon to be, very remote location called ‘Home’ in a Surrey village.  If people read it that is lovely, but that isn’t my main motivation for writing, my sanity is. 

Only a few weeks ago I was merely aware of something called the Coronavirus which originated from bats sold in a market in a far-off city in China beginning with ‘W’.  Now the ‘C’ Word is on my doorstep and I am frantically trying to keep it out. Do follow me over the next few weeks as I try to put a vaguely humorous and somewhat irreverent slant on life as we will soon know it.  Hopefully you won’t have to read this for too long.  If it does stretch into many months the content will be non-existent and any attempts at humour will have long gone.

I have everything I need; one toilet roll, a large bar of Galaxy, a coffee and a year’s supply of E-cigarettes.  I’m ready….





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  1. Nicky Dean Reply

    Jayne, I’m so pleased you have started your blog up again! You will help keep us all a little bit more sane (& amused) in these challenging weeks ahead xxx

  2. Trevor Crowhurst Reply

    Hi Jayne. Good to know that you have started another blog. I look forward to reading your well written amusing stories again.Trevor x

  3. Yesss! She’s back! Brilliant writing by a fabulous woman – can’t wait! xxx

  4. Julie Watson Reply

    Fabulous! Look forward to it! Love your ability to bring some much needed levity through your reflections. X

  5. Hey, delighted you have started writing again! I look forward to being entertained along with your other fans. Take care and keep well. With love and best wishes to all the family. X

  6. Hello you! As well as writing I am gonna have to start running – gym shut. See you out on the streets!
    J x

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