Shed with a view over Kathmandu

My Nepal Trip

My first few days in Kathmandu have been a challenge. When I arrived at the hostel (compound) I was surprised to see that the walls were topped with razor wire and there were huge metal gates. Foolishly I thought these were to keep the volunteers safe, but soon realised they were to stop us escaping.

I had paid extra for a private room as I did not want to spend every morning surrounded by nubile 20 year olds in thongs, making me feel even more depressed about the toll age and gravity have taken on my body.

Stable Life

My quarters are separate from the rest of the house and it appears that the last thing to live here had 4 legs. Someone must have shooed it out and threw a mattress on the floor hours before I arrived. The only other thing in the room is a bookcase off a skip. Why the hell do I need a bookcase? A wardrobe would have been good.

A large padlock secures the door and I was advised to padlock myself in at night. I do this but then lie awake worrying that my iPhone, which is attached essentially to 2 live wires sticking out of the wall, might burst into flames. I would be totally buggered as the window only opens 6 inches ‘for my security’. These are my thoughts as I lie in bed trying to drift off, when I am bored of squashing giant beetles by torch light.

Gappy Granny

The rest of the group, as one would expect, are mainly gap year students, full of youthful optimism, wanting to see the world and doing the Nepal Trip. I am the only English person, but fortunately English is the spoken language in the hostel.

At the introductory meeting I jokingly introduced myself as the ‘Gappy Granny’. Big mistake. I have nothing against Chinese people per se, apart from the giant mobile phones, excessive use of selfie sticks and appalling dress sense. However, one particularly annoying Chinese girl, Xo Siang Ho, really hacks me off. Every time she sees me she says ‘Hilo Garpee Grawnee.’ I swear if she says it again I will poke her in the eye with a chopstick. Or I might just strangle her with her Huawei headphones,

Finding Oneself

The other person of note (or not) is an extremely dull German called Jorg. I know that a nation that prides itself on ‘precision engineering’ is not going to be full of people you want to go down the pub with on a Friday night, but this guy is a particularly fine specimen.

He is 46, single (I wonder why)? And a software engineer (exactly). He drones on incessantly in a thick Germanic accent about how he comes to Nepal every year ‘to find himself.’ If he hasn’t found himself by now perhaps he should consider going back home and jumping under an Audi on the Autobahn, to put us all out of our misery.

Culture Week

This week has been a Cultural Immersion Week (initiation by fire) on the way of life here, before I am let loose on my class on Monday. As well as trying to learn some Nepali (impossible), I have witnessed abject poverty, but also the immense pride and contentment of the Nepalese people. One wise old man said to me ‘we expect little, so are happy with little, whereas you Westerners expect so much and are never happy with what you have.’ So true…

Reflecting on Nepal (after a long climb)!


  1. Brilliantly written Jayne! Your blogs are delightfully entertaining, if a little disconcerting, but sounds like you’re on a mission and determined to see it through. Good in ya girl!!! Go get ‘em! Sending love and hugs xx

    • Thanks as always for your lovely comments. I do sit here on my floor mattress and think ‘is this actually any good?’
      I will survive… as the song goes… x

  2. Gappy Granny or Garpee Grawnee , hilarious! As I find it so funny I might use them or adopt “GG” to cover both. Reading this latest edition has been an entertaining start to Friday evening, thank you 😊 You are doing great, not many would have the gumption to do this! X

  3. Rose Green Reply

    Hi Jayne,

    All sounds very different from leafy Lingfield, but very wise words from the Nepalese gentleman.

    Daphne sends her love

    Rose xx

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