Llama peruGreetings from Cuzco, Peru.

You may recall in my last blog I joked about altitude sickness, I wish I hadn’t… After 24 hours traveling and 36 hours without sleep I arrived in this beautiful city and was taken straight to a 2 hour induction meeting, then a Spanish test. By this time I felt so ill that I muttered ‘Put me in the Beginner’s group’ and stumbled back to my hotel. I collapsed into bed and that is where I stayed for 38 hours with just the worst headache, sickness and nose bleeds.

After 15 hours horizontal I made an international call to Reception to get some water. A delightful lady came up and told me I needed Coca Tea which she promptly produced. This is the most marvellous  concoction made from the leaves of the cocaine plant. Mind you, at a height of 3400m, with altitude sickness, I did not need to get any more high. Nevertheless I tucked in. After 30 minutes I thought I felt slightly better, or I might just have been stoned. To be honest I didn’t care. I even wished I was 5’2” rather than 5’8” as perhaps those 6 inches might have reduced the severity of my condition. Even dwarfism seemed tempting in my abysmal state.

A combination of Paracetamol, Coca Tea and sleep meant I was able to emerge into the outside world on Tuesday and start Language College where I am learning Spanish before starting my voluntary work next week.

When I first met my Spanish teacher I thought she was utterly terrifying. She wears thigh high black suede boots and bright red lipstick. I suspect she has  an evening job as a dominatrix. As she speaks no English and I spoke no Spanish, the first 2 hour lesson  involved lots of arm waving and Google Translate. Gradually I am making a little progress,  although I did tell her today that I owned 2 donkeys and had 56 brothers.

It is early days… 

Jayne Webb



  1. Oh no! Such a shame the journey and arrival were so painful after all the excitement 🙁 Perhaps worth it though for the coca tea discovery… it could liven up afternoon teas across the South East when you’re back! Hope the 2 donkeys weren’t a subconscious reference to your hairdressers 😀 So excited for you xx

    • Jayne Webb Reply

      Hi darling, I will bring the coco tea back with me. Could liven up a wet afternoon in Toni & Guy!
      Current hairstyle more untamed lion than donkey😀 x

  2. Amazing Jayne ….you’ve dived into the deep end again. Hopefully the journey gets better and your experiences lift you higher ( no pun intended) …best wishes from Bill & Annamaria.

    • Jayne Webb Reply

      Thank you so much Bill! Let the adventure begin! Much love Jayne

  3. A brutal start but in your usual fashion, you dealt with it and didn’t let it dampen your enthusiasm for your adventures! You are back to looking great and on good form! Waiting in anticipation for the next update 😀 Hugs, Katie

  4. A brutal start but as with everything you do, you dealt with it and are now back to your usual beautiful self, on form, ready for your second leg of your adventures! I look forward to your next update. In the meantime, take care and stay safe. Hugs, Katie x

  5. Hi Jayne,

    Sounds like you’re already having a fantastic time!

    Chânelle x

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