Daily Hourly Planner

When the UK went into lockdown on 23rd March I decided that I really had to remain positive and make the most of this time to learn some new skills, and get on with all those household projects that I had always meant to do, but never got round to.

I also suggested to the rest of my locked down family that they, likewise, should use this time profitably by learning to touch type or learn a new language. I created an extensive list of proficiencies to acquire including meditation, knitting and bread making as well as writing my blog, of course. I even went so far as to design a daily or hourly planner of my activities: 

My daily hourly planner

As you can see, I had organised pretty much every hour of the day, and I knew that if I kept to this, I was going to come out of lockdown as a fitter, more well-rounded and infinitely calmer individual. I actually spent a lot of time putting all of the tasks in the correct Excel boxes and considering how much time each would take. I even laminated this hourly planner and stuck it on my office wall where it has remained to this day.  

Twix Time

The big problem is that I have achieved Bugger all, apart from getting up and going to bed daily. The exercise class never happened, the house looks like a squat, breakfast has been a croissant at 12 noon (with my fifth coffee) and lunch, a Twix around 4 pm. I only bother to peel myself out of my PJs if I have some shopping to do for the Oldies.  

There is just so much to look at on Insta these days. Reading all the motivational memes, ‘liking’ the NHS and looking at pictures of stunning homemade cakes takes me at least 3 hours every day. I haven’t even listened to a Ted Talk, although I do now have the app on my phone. 


Likewise, the Headspace meditation app is installed, and enthusiastically reminds me every day that it has been a while since I checked in. Yes, it has been a while, i.e. since the distant day I paid £49.99 for a year’s subscription. I did actually try a Retinol face mask one night, but it burnt my face off within 5 minutes, and I spent the rest of the night whimpering under my duvet.

When everyone finally emerges from lockdown, toned, bilingual and wearing fabulously crocheted ponchos they have made, I will be wobbling out in my floral PJs with a bag full of chocolate bar wrappers and a handful of half written blogs. Failing that, I am going to have to do a ‘Crash Course on Everything’ over the next few weeks…





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  1. Oh my goodness, this made me laugh!!! Don’t see you as a knitted poncho kinda gal anyway Jayne, and I very much doubt you could ‘wobble’ anywhere!
    What you ARE doing, and you carefully gloss over this, is taking care of everyone you possibly can – young and old alike, people you know and people you don’t know. Nothing is too much trouble. You’re a lovely, lovely human and I thank you for it, floral PJ’s and all. 😊xx

  2. Karen, thank you for this very special comment. At least this gives you an insight into what I am doing when I am not shopping for Oldies etc. I would ALWAYS do anything for you… xx

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