Doing a ‘George Clooney height’ space

George Clooney Height

Of course, the biggest stress when leaving the house in these COVID Days is observing the 2 Metre Rule. I had never before given much thought to exactly what 2 metres looks like in real terms, so I decided that the best way to estimate this was to picture it as a George Clooney height cutout lying down.

This image has, however, got me into trouble.  This morning I was outside Boots Chemists and there was a long queue. I was so busy swerving around trying to give everyone a ‘George Clooney’ that I completely overshot the door to the chemists, and ended up trying to get into the adjacent (and closed) dry cleaners.  As I knew I had a bit of an audience watching my blunder I had to mutter ‘Oh Crikey! I can’t believe they are shut,’ as I turned and back tracked to join the queue.  

In fact, all social norms have been turned on their heads.  Pre-lockdown, you shook hands in a meeting, and patted, hugged or kissed your mates. Now these salutations would be seen as just the worst and rudest thing you could possibly do.  Treating your friends like lepers is actually PC these days. 

Barking Mad

Whilst out on a jog (or rather a fast walk) yesterday I was stumped.  On one pavement I had a lady with 2 children on tricycles and on the other I had 3 dog walkers with dogs.  This left me no alternative but to run straight down the middle of the main road just to keep a ‘George Clooney’ on either side.  I duly received nods of appreciation all round for my swift actions.  Two months ago, this would have been seen as barking mad and downright rude. 

 On the issue of barking, I was walking the dogs in the park the other day and as usual my waggy housemates bounded up to say ‘Hello’ to another dog.  The owner started screaming ‘GET YOUR DOGS AWAY, GET THEM AWAY! CORONAVIRUS!’  Honestly, anyone would think I had set 2 Pit Bull Terriers on her pooch. The problem is my dogs don’t know the ‘George Clooney Rule’ and if they did, I suspect their fantasy bitch would be a lot shorter than 2 metres when lying down. 

No Sneezing!

Of course, other things you must not do in public are cough or sneeze. Even a slight clearing of the throat will lead people to believe you have the ‘C’ Word.  A sneeze is basically the new equivalent of letting out wind from your bottom half. You must try and conceal it at all times. I have found the only way to do this is to pull your jumper over your head at the critical moment. OK, it does mean that you are revealing a naked torso and a faded M&S bra to the world, but that is way less shocking than THE SNEEZE. If you are a guy, and reveal a faded M&S bra to the world, that is a different issue…

What really worries me is what is going to happen when we do finally go back to normal.  Will we ever kiss, pat and hug again, or will we just bow at each other from a distance? Will we all be ‘Turning Japanese’ as the song goes? 





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  1. You do make me laugh Jayne – although picturing that gorgeous man lying on the deck as I approach would definitely have me slowing down rather than speeding past. I mean, somebody would have to give him the kiss of life, right? I’d take one for the team. xx

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