Midlife Crisis in Asia

Yoga In Goa I am getting used to life in Goa, it has a really laid back vibe. On Thursday I was asked to go along to a yoga class. As I do Pilates I thought it would be the same, only with a bit more heavy breathing. When we arrived I spotted an older white lady with big gold earrings and pink flip flops who had assumed a prune-like appearance from excessive sun worshipping. She was chatting outside, smoking a fag, and I was thrilled to hear she was a fellow Brummy, with the broadest Brummy accent. I got talking to her, and learnt she had done a Shirley Valentine. She came here on holiday 20 years ago, met an Indian guy, and never went home. Her love for the guy soon faded, but her love of Goa remained. As we chatted she lit one cigarette from another, and…

My beautiful pupils Life As Solo Traveller In India Well I am halfway through my Midlife Crisis (trip), and I am celebrating this milestone…

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