Who Is Having It?

Jayne Webb, middle aged, middle class, middle income, mid-range interior designer from the Midlands living in Surrey, UK.

I had always thought that the term ‘midlife crisis’ was a bit of a joke. An explanation for why 40-something men suddenly find their 25 stone receptionists extraordinarily attractive and whisk them off on shiny new Ducatis. And why women take up tennis to sleep with the 23 year – old tennis coach and dye their hair blonde. So, when It dawned on me that I was having my own ‘midlife crisis’ I faced two huge problems: 

  1. I don’t like tennis
  2. My hair is already so blonde I could be mistaken for a Marilyn Monroe look alike (sadly from behind only)

So, what could I do to quench this over whelming and all-encompassing feeling that I needed a change? I needed to change?

‘ME’ Time

I reached this crux in May and after weeks of trying to ignore my sense of unrest, I decided that perhaps I should embrace this stage in my life. I should stop putting my family and my career first and I should damn well do something for ME.

Not a face lift (although that was tempting), not a toy boy (although that was tempting), and not a personal trainer… I already have one. I just needed to find that ‘something’. 

Ok so I admit it, I am an internet addict. Hours of ‘research’ every week on various sites have led to me being on first name terms with the UPS, FedEx, Parcel Force, My Hermes and City Link couriers. Sadly, I also know most of their kids’ names as well.  

I have actually just received my 271st parcel from Amazon this year. That’s a lot of ink cartridges. But this time my research took me in a very different direction. No cardboard boxes, no Jiffy bags, and no ‘Sorry We Missed You’ cards. I planned a trip. The mother of all trips and, all on my own…

Off To Volunteer Overseas

Jayne Webb, middle aged, middle class, middle income, mid-range interior designer from the Midlands living in Surrey, UK is leaving the UK on 15th September 2019 to volunteer overseas. I will:

1) Teach young children in Kathmandu, Nepal how to speak English

2) Work in the slums in Goa

3) Travel to a remote island in the Maldives, 3 hours by speedboat from the capital Male, to work on turtle conservation

4) Work with a street dog rescue charity in Sri Lanka

She will be back in time for Christmas. 

Just to let you know, any ladies reading this who went the route of the 23 year-old tennis coach, and are bored with the amount of waxing this involves, there are places still available. 


  1. Sounds very exciting Jayne, I’m looking forward to reading your future blogs.
    Good luck and happy travels xx

  2. Hazel Harris Reply

    I’m so looking forward to reading your blog. Good for you Jayne, you go get your adventure girl! Because, as they say ‘Tomorrow is promised to no man” (or woman, middle aged or not!)
    Go enjoy……you deserve it….and we’ll have a nice middle class cream tea when you come back!
    Hazel x

  3. Anne Jamieson Reply

    Oh wow – good on you Jayne – how very exciting- can’t wait to read all about it x

  4. Jayne, this is brilliant! I certainly would never describe you as ‘middle’ anything – much more top drawer. That said, I am very excited for you and wish you good luck, good health and serenity. Biggest hug xx

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