Jayne sitting on sofa watching TV not keeping fit over 50

Corona TV and Me

Keeping Fit Over 50

Ok, so it’s Day 4 of Lockdown and things are going quite well. I have got into a good routine; I lie in bed checking Insta and Facebook until 9.30am, and then I get up and watch ‘Corona TV’ and do housework until 4pm, in my pyjamas. At 4pm I have a shower and put on clean pyjamas. I do realise the importance of trying to keep fit over 50. So on a ‘Fitness Day’ I put on leggings, and plod around the village for 30 minutes at some point, before the shower and clean Pjs. I could call these ‘leisurewear’ but no, mine are quite definitely ill-fitting floral jersey Pjs. The great thing about this dress code is that I am not generating any ironing at all.

The Rota

I have made an Excel spread sheet, which is a total work of art (names highlighted in different colours etc) for a ‘Housework Rota’. As I am distancing with 4 other adults, I am not doing it all! Twenty Something Son, who should be at university, is coping particularly well with the Lockdown. Actually he hasn’t noticed any difference. He gets up at 2pm, eats the contents of the fridge, watches ‘Celebrities Go Dating’ from the sofa all afternoon, eats more and then plays PlayStation all night. He doesn’t even have to feel guilty about all of the lectures he failed to get out of bed for, as they are now online. On the ‘Housework Rota’, I have put him down for ironing. Son has never ironed a garment in his life before, but I see lots of merit in allocating him this task:

  1. He will learn a new life skill
  2. He won’t be chipping every skirting board with the Hoover or spilling bleach on the carpets
  3. He won’t notice what he is doing, as he can still watch ‘Celebrities Go Dating’ at the same time.  He will just be vertical rather than horizontal

My plan is to spring clean the entire house in the next 3 weeks, but I am having to pace this. I don’t want to get to the under stairs cupboard too quickly. In truth I can’t wait to find out what treasures I have shoved in there over the past 10 years.




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  1. jackie jones Reply

    Haha! Perfect schedule! Enjoy x

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  2. Johnny and PK van der Merwe Reply

    Very amusing. When I hear the fire engines, I’ll know Morgan’s ironing! Jx

  3. You summon up the perfect picture of household harmony Jayne. Does anyone actually adhere to your rota?? Nice try though xxx

  4. In truth Karen, no-one is sticking to the rota and we are all falling out :). Nice concept though. J x

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